Warehouse Design Consultants

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Working within the confinements of an existing or proposed warehouse and following your strict parameters such as; budget, layout requirement, number of pallets to be stored, number of staff etc.  We will design a warehouse layout using the most suitable storage systems for your needs.

Warehouse Storage can consist of racking systems from standard adjustable pallet racking through to narrow aisle or live storage racking and mezzanine flooring for a mixture of uses from offices through to storage and manufacturing. As part of our warehouse consultation service we we will prepare a proposal for the most suitable solutions often using a number of different storage solutions and provide a full report complete with auto CAD drawings, 3D elevations and material lists.

Our UK Warehouse Design Consultants are extremely experienced in the design and installation of all types of warehouse storage including pallet racking, mezzanine floors, partitions and warehouse conveyors. This experience is what makes us stand out as warehouse consultants. Our independent status ensures that the systems we propose are the most suitable based on your parameters and not on a limited supply of storage solutions provided by a single manufacturer.

The concept, design and management of a major project needs to be dealt with in a confident and efficient manner. Our approach is tailor made to work hand in hand with suppliers, contractors and the client.

Either from the planning stage with our own input, or from your own designs we can prepare and submit tender documents for suppliers and contractors. We then forward our recommendations in detail thus enabling systems and materials to be procured to meet the exact specification required.

Once materials are purchased and on site our Contract Managers take control of the Systems Installation. From organizing of deliveries and our own teams of installers, to the scheduling of other works sub-contractors we endeavour to avoid trade contact, at the same time ensuring smooth process of installation.

Weekly site meetings for contractors are undertaken followed by a report in full to the client, enabling them to be fully aware at all times of the progress of the installation at hand.

Our Project Management Service is available as a stand alone service or as part of our wider Warehouse Design and CAD Drawing Service.

From the information provided above it is possible to design a racking system that relates to both  a). The client’s current needs. b). The client’s future needs allowing for growth.

It is now that our can assess and produce a solution that will suit our clients requirements. Either from architectural drawings or from our own designs or site surveyour consultants will sit down and discuss a scheme that is tailor made for approval. In some cases a number of alternatives may be submitted.

Drawings are set on Auto Cad and design changes can be made very quickly and accurately.

When contemplating an idea, especially when it is a High Bay Racking System we relate very closely with consultants from Materials Handling Companies. It is not that rare to find a client has spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on an installed Racking System only to find that the Trucks he has purchased are not suitable – normally aisles are too wide or too narrow, or it may not reach the top pallet locations

Our experienced consultants and design team also specialize in the following;

  • Mezzanine floor design for – small parts storage, office accommodation, canteen and toilet facilities.
  • Office accommodation.
  • Conveyor systems – gravity and powered.
  • Advice on material handling trucks within the warehouse – reach, counterbalance trucks – hand pallet trucks, pallet wrap machines, pallet converters.
  • Dock levellers – loading bay equipment.
  • In rack aisle lighting – warehouse lighting & heating.
  • In rack sprinkler systems.
  • Warehouse and office sprinklers

Our Interior Layout Service is available as a stand alone service or as part of our wider Warehouse Design and CAD Drawing Service.

Your warehouse and working systems have been identified and designed, now you have the added problem of pricing your project. This can be an arduous and extremely time consuming task especially if the Project is Multi-product Turnkey.

A typical Storage System can consist of;

  • Pallet Racking System.
  • Narrow Aisle Guidance. ( Rail or wire )
  • VNA Trucks.
  • Warehouse Trucks.  (Some VNA companies do not manufacture standard counterbalance or reach trucks).
  • Conveyor Systems.
  • Sprinkler Systems.
  • Mezzanine floors (storage and office accommodation)
  • Office accommodation.

A total of 8 items above would normally require 3 competitive tenders for each product meaning, 24 Tender documents individually prepared and issued.

Our Contract/Project Managers will prepare, issue and negotiate on your behalf. We can then sit down with our client with our own recommendations and discuss the way forward.

Our prices are extremely competitive and reflect in the savings made in the final contract price and installation schedule.

Our Turnkey Contracting Pricing and Control Service is available as a stand alone service or as part of our wider Turnkey Warehouse Design and CAD Drawing Service.

The re-design of an existing warehousing facility is more common than realised.  The reasons for this are normally due to;

  • Change of pallet dimensions – too small, large, wide or  heavy.
  • Increase in pallet quantity.
  • Insufficient building room or height to allow for increase.

More often than not there is a simple remedy, however, our Contract Managers with assistance from our technical and design department can assess and design an operable system within the budget allowance of the client. Wherever possible we will utilize existing materials in order to keep the cost to a minimum.

Where a change in materials handling is evident we will advise on the best and most cost effective options.

Our Turnkey Refurbishment and Rationalisation Service is available as a stand alone service or as part of our wider Turnkey Warehouse Design and CAD Drawing Service.

A warehouse racking system is only as good as the handling equipment used to service it. Some very basic Narrow Aisle Trucks can be very keenly priced, but do not have the same speed and maneuverability to complete the job in the time required. This happens a lot when a client does not have the financial resources at the time of purchase and is less concerned about their requirements for the future.

We have the expertise to digest your information and advise on an appropriate solution that will conform to your current and future needs.

Whether we are involved from the offset of a Project or required to handle the procurement of materials and working systems, we can offer a service that takes the control and the worry away from the client. Our tender documents are thoroughly detailed so that all suppliers can only quote like for like, thus ensuring a positive response.
 Our chief objective is solely to work for the benefit of our client in obtaining the best prices and most appropriate cost effective solution. Only recognised suppliers and installation teams are used.
Our Turnkey Material and Equipment Procedure Service is available as a stand alone service or as part of our wider Turnkey Warehouse Design and CAD Drawing Service.

Don’t be mislead : Racking Safety Inspections are not a legal requirements. 
They are however recommended to ensure racking is safe to use under the PUWER (Provision and Use Of Work Equipment Regulation) 1998 Regulations and Heath and Safety Act 1974.
  • The JOG Consultants Racking Inspection service is entirely independent of any other services we offer. This means our racking inspections are unbiased and we will not provide a cheap inspection with the intention of making money on the repairs.
  • JOG Consultants inspectors don’t just attended a one day course on racking safety. They have a minimum 10 years experience in all aspects of the racking industry. All inspectors are JOG approved to our very high standards.
  • They do not supply and install racking systems! As independent inspectors, the service is about providing a completely unbiased racking or mezzanine inspection. JOG Racking Inspectors have the right knowledge. 

Health and Safety forms a vital link with the successful every day running of warehousing and distribution operations. Safety regulations are more stringent than ever, and the strength and stability of racking systems should be at the top of list of every Warehouse Manager. JOG Consultants undertake a thorough investigation of your racking systems, followed by a swift, detailed report of damaged uprights, bracing, beams, loose foot-plates, etc. including drawings with damage location, issued along with our recommendations and damage replacement list.

We have a number of national accounts with clients ranging from one warehouse facility to others up to 25 buildings of which these checks are normally made every 6 months. This is a totally unbiased service and JOG Consultants will not partake in the supply of replacement materials.