UK Mezzanine Flooring

Turnkey Mezzanine Floor Services

If you’re looking for a standard industrial storage mezzanine floor, a bespoke commercial mezzanine structure, mezzanine floor within a retail environment or multiple tier mezzanine floors, we at JOG Consultants have the expertise and experience to manage your project from initial concept, design, manufacture and installation to after-sales maintenance.

Mezzanine Floos vary in load bearding capacity, fire and building regulations requirements and general application, every floor is bespoke to your needs and we will ensure that every one of them is met within an agreed budget and time frame. Contact us today to discuss your needs and receive a free no-obligation quotation.

Industrial Mezzanine Floors
  • Industrial Mezzanine Floors are suitable for factories, warehouses and storage centres and are mainly used to increase storage, office space or manufacturing needs.
  • JOG Consultants provide a range of industrial mezzanine floors designed to take loads from 4.8kn/m2 to over 20 kn/m2 with a standard chipboard deck, steel plate or open deck floor.
  • All of our mezzanine floors are manufactured in the UK.
  • Light Duty – Extreme Duty Use.
  • Incorporate machinery, lifts and conveyors.
Office Mezzanine Floors
  • Commercial Office mezzanine floors make the most of wasted space by building up, allowing you to increase your working space without reducing your existing work area.
  • We will fully utilise the whole space into productive office accommodation with an office specific mezzanine floor. This can be achieved with minimal disruption to your work force and at a fraction of the cost of moving premises.
  • Choose from a range of partitioning options, including soundproofing, glazing and fire-rating.
Retail Mezzanine Floors
  • We offer highly competitively priced, expertly engineered and manufacturer retail mezzanine floors, installed with a level of service second to none.
  • We understand the importance of first impressions, we know that your retail mezzanine floor must be highly functional, serve its purpose to the best of our ability and be finished to the highest standard. We guarantee to provide a retail mezzanine floor perfect for your retail environment and serving all your needs – Increase retail and storage space.
Mezzanine Floor Accessories
Pallet Gates
Hand Rails
Upright Fire Protection
Fire Rated Ceilings
Anti-Fall Protection
Storage Mezzanine
  • 7 Day Project in Northumberland
  • Custom made for graded building
Office Floor
  • Custom built office mezzanine
  • Full Turnkey Solution
Manufacturing Mezzanine
  • Heavy Duty Mezzanine Floor
  • Steel Sheet Flooring
Office Floor
  • Office Facilities for 12 staff
  • Custom design sound proofed panelling
Storage Floor
  • 10 Day Project in Tyne & Wear
  • Designed to fit with existing flooring
Office Floor
  • Heavy Duty Office Facilities
  • Extra Long Span to allow for production underneath
Storage Floor
  • Completely Fire Rated Floor
  • Aesthetically pleasing plasterboard finish
Retail Mezzanine Floor
  • Commercial Grade Flooring
  • High Quality Finish for Retail Use