Industrial Interior Solutions

Industrial Factory Partitions, Mesh Partitions and Clean Rooms 

JOG Consultants are warehouse design, storage and fit out experts and as part of this UK wide service we provide an extensive range of industrial partitions and walk on ceilings that are suitable for all industrial surroundings.

Industrial Factory Partitions
  • Factory Partitions provide warehouses, factories and industrial areas with secure work areas for different tasks such as manufacturing, offices and public view points.
  • They are also ideal in industrial areas which require noise reduction or to prevent dust or fumes.
Steel Skin Partitions
  • Single and Double Skin Steel Partitions are commonly used in industrial surroundings such as factories and warehouses.
  • Steel Skin Steel Partitions are strong, robust and long lasting.
  • Double Skin Steel partitions provide additional protection and soundproofing if you are looking to create an office, canteen, or other rest or work area.
  • Steel Skin Partitions are easily wiped down so they are ideal for factories, warehouses and industrial sites that are prone to high dust levels or must offer protection from paint, oil or other hazardous substances.
Industrial Mesh Partitions
  • Mesh partitions are suitable for segregating warehouse areas, bonded and high security areas and for machine guarding.
  • The mesh grids are extremely strong and also allow light through and vision is not restricted.
  • Our mesh panels are very popular on the perimeter edges of mezzanine floors and anti-collapse systems on the rear of pallet racking.
Clean Room Partitions
  • Suitable for process facilities requires a simple facility
  • Radical transformation to accommodate the stringent manufacturing and production standards dictated by the statutory authorities responsible for ensuring Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for your particular industry.
Steel Skin Partitions
  • Double Skin Partitions
  • Designed for Vehicle Storage
Steel Skin Partitions
  • Steel Skin Office Partitions
Industrial Factory Office
  • Double Steel Skin Partitions and Ceilings
  • Create a mezzanine floor office space
Single Skin Partitions
  • Steel Skin Clean Partitions
Factory Partitions
  • Office Mezzanine with Industrial Factory Partitions
Industrial Mesh Partitions
  • Incorporated to prevent boxes falling from the mezzanine floor
Factory Partitions
  • Industrial Factory Partitions
Machine Guard Mesh